3– 2 – 1 and GOOOOO!

The pre-sale of KOP tokens is almost there. It will start on first of February 2022.

What are KOP tokens? 

“KOP tokens are utility tokens. These tokens, in their turn, are not investments in the pure sense of the term, as they do not represent a future profit. Rather, they give their holder the right to access the product and service that the Kjøper generates. As the Kjøper grows, the token values grow with it.”

We encourage You to read more about KOP tokens in our FAQ section and support us with your purchase.

New partner announcement

We are happy to announce that a new partner Hermes d.o.o. has joined to Kjøper recently. With joining our forces together, the beginning of the development phase is getting closer and closer. We have already started a discussion on workflows and development processes that will begin in the near future..

We believe in Kjøper!

Kjøper is a Blockchain based, Machine learning and Artificial intelligence driven Smart Gateway that will offer you the most suitable solutions in a blink of an eye.

It will be supported by a business management software that will offer an easy implementation and use of these tailor-made solutions in real time without any additional investment.

Our users will be customers, small & medium product/service/activity providers and destinations that have interest in outdoor sport activities & adventure segment.

Kjøper will remove information overload and paradox of choice from decision-making process.

More information you can find in the whitepaper.