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Has started on May 3, 2022

Token Price: $0,10 Bonus: 50%

It understands customers understand business knows their surroundings knows their interests predicts solutions

What is Kjøper?

It`s a Machine learning and Artificial intelligence driven Smart Gateway that will offer you the most suitable solutions in a blink of an eye.

For who?

Customers, small & medium product/service/activity providers and destinations that have interest in outdoor sport, activity and adventure segment and value fast and relevant answers to their dilemmas and needs.


Customers; when you need a product, service, activity or an adventure that perfectly suits your needs. Especially in case when you don`t know interest area specifics and you wish to receive tailored expert opinion, advice or solution without investing your time and energy.

Product, service, activity and adventure providers; when you need customers, visitors, solutions, collaborations, and data that perfectly suit your business and development strategy.


It`s easy to suffer from information overload and too many “hard to choose from” choices. So, we sort things out to get to you the most relevant response without any need for time consuming “area of interest” research and study. We do that to help you out when you`re put in environment or situations that you`re unfamiliar with. We`re your “go to expert” that knows you, your business and needs and is available to you whenever you feel you need us.

How Kjøper works ?

Kjøper is a Machine learning and Artificial intelligence driven Smart Gateway that will optimize, simplify and shorten decision-making process by offering you the most suitable solutions in 3 clicks.

Data Source

Customers, small & medium product/service providers and surroundings generate huge amount of data which, when not integrated and managed properly, have no usefully value.

Transparent & Secure

Kjøper easily, transparently, securely and efficiently gathers, integrates and categorizes the acquired data for them to be managed for proper useful value.

Artificial Intelligence

With the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Kjøper then creates custom-made solutions for all users. So no BS, only „on point“ solutions.

Custom-made Solutions

Custom-made solutions do not rely solely on the past, present or prediction of future data but also on data related to the character or personality of users.


Create your own outdoor activity adventure

Why Kjøper ?

Kjøper is your “go to expert” that knows you, your personality, needs and surroundings and is available to you whenever you feel you need it.

It`s your partner and pal

It understands you and it`s not annoying

Makes you ready for the unexpected

When you need on point solution the most.

It`s fast

Custom-made solution provided in a blink of an eye

It`s easy

No expertise support needed.


Check, what's going on! 



KOP tokens are utility tokens. These tokens, in their turn, are not investments in the pure sense of the term, as they not represent a future profit. Rather, they give their holder the right to access the product and service that the Kjøper generates. As the Kjøper grows, the token values grows with it.






General Information



ICO Token price

Early stage: $0,10

Token Type





Binance Smart Chain

Accepted currencies


Total Supply




ICO Location


Personal Cap


Know Your Costumer ( KYC )

KYC Required

Two-factor authorization


Restricted countries

Central African Republic, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Syria.



Strategy and Project Plan of KJØPER


Idea for project is born
Team formation



Proving the idea can work
Analysis of market & competition
Strategic plan
Search for suitable partners


Idea implementation

Website and promo video lunch
Company registration
Partnership with testing product & service providers
Partnership with IT developers and AI engineers


Early Sale

Private & Public financing

2022 - Q2

Beta version (biking segment)

Data collecting and preparing them into analysis-ready form
Back-end and front-end development
AI for product & service discovery
Public crowdsale

2022 - Q4

Product V1

Rent, maintenance and second-hand modules added
AI for adventure package creation Marketing
Collaboration, loyalty and marketing modules added
AI algorithm development & optimization



Frequently Asked Questions

Below we prepared a list of frequently asked questions for you.

KOP tokens are utility tokens. These tokens, in their turn, are not investments in the pure sense of the term, as they not represent a future profit. Rather, they give their holder the right to access the product and service that the Kjøper generates. As the Kjøper grows, the token values grows with it.

  • 10 M KOP tokens in early sale and
  • 75 M KOP tokens in public sale.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the tab REGISTER/LOGIN
  3. Click on Sign up here
  4. Fill the form with the required information (Full name, your email, chose password)
  5. Click I agree Terms and Conditionand Privacy Policy
  6. Select a Create Account.
  7. Check your email inbox (including spam folder) for confirmation link and click on it.
  8. You are now ready to start using Kjøper app and you have options like: participate, inviting your friends (10% referral bonus for you and your friend)

Guid how to complete KYC application:

  1. Click on KYC Application
  2. Enter your details: First name, Last name, your address and all other required data
  3. Upload the document
  4. Submit your wallet

KYC requirements:

  1. ID, Passport or Driver licence
  2. Selfie of holding the document uploaded + handwritten note.

(Handwritten note: it must be written - KJØPER, date and your signature)

Every word on the page must be legible. Make sure your fingers are not covering any text.

The content of the ID document showing details must be readable.

The selfie must be clear, not blurry and not be modified by any photo editing software.

To prevent anti-money laundering or terror financing we need to check the identity of every participants. This is a legal requirement. We will not use this data, or share it with anyone else.

For this reasons we are required to exclude the following countries: Central Africa Republic, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Malaysia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Siri Lanka, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago.

Once you have submitted your KYC application with your detailed documents for verification, our Support Team will check if your documents meet regulatory compliance and standard requirements. Please make sure that your documents for verification follow our guidelines.

Wait for our email notification about your KYC status. Please check your email box, including junk/spam mail. The procedure might take up to 72 hours depending on the volume of applications.

Follow the next steps:

  • go to your account,
  • click on the tab BUY TOKEN,
  • select a payment method,
  • enter the amount of KOP tokens you want to buy,
  • click confirm,
  • after that, receiving address will be displayed,
  • send the equivalent amount from your wallet to displayed address and
  • KOP amount will appear in your account shortly.

To make a purchase you can use one of the following payment methods: BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, USDC, USD, EUR and BSC.

During the early sale phase, you can purchase from $50 – $25,000 in a single transaction.

You will receive automatic mail as soon as transaction is confirmed on the blockchain. Usually it takes a few minutes but sometimes it could takes longer.

You can secure your account with 2-step verification (2FA). 2FA increases the security of your account. Even if someone guesses your password, he won`t be able to access your account.

Follow the next steps to enable 2FA:

  • log in to your account and navigate on profile tab,
  • on the bottom click enable 2FA,
  • on your phone install 2FA app from Google Play or App Store,
  • scan QR code on app and
  • entry the code to verify.

Add BSC network and then fill the form with the below data:

  • Network Name: Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL:


Then click on add custom token and fill the form with the below data:

  • Token Contract Address: 0x04d494487fefd33e987da3cb55317b8a80e63005
  • Tokens Symbol: KOP
  • Decimals of Precision: 8


You can find more at


  • Planned listing price: 0,15 USD
  • Listing date:between Q4 2022 and Q1 2023
  • Listing on exchange: TBA later (DEX & CEX)

Yes, but to receive KOP tokens you have to complete the following promotional activities:

  • Join our Telegram community 50 KOP tokens
  • Follow our official site on twitter 50 KOP tokens
  • Like and share our post on twitter 50 KOP tokens
  • Join us on LinkedIn 50 KOP tokens
  • Share our post on Instagram and tag us (official site) 50 KOP tokens

You can find more in our Terms & Conditions.

Yes. Early contributors will receive additional 50% bonus at the end of the ICO, but those tokens will be unlocked after six months listing on exchange market.

Yet sometimes things can go wrong. If this is the case please let us know and we will do our best to find a quick and fair solution to solve your issue. 

To submit a problem or complaint: 

  1. Go to Contact
  2. Complete the form with your details 
  3. Describe the problem or complaint in Message section and click Contact us 

We`ll do our best to provide you with an answer or solution to your message within 1 week or as soon as possible. 

Here you can find the download link for the Whitepaper


The Kjøper team represents a group of enthusiastic & professional individuals and partners with an international background and future view.


Marjan Tušek

Experience service manager and business strategy development manager

Andrej Beden

Expert solution designer

Matjaž Ivačič

GIS and spatial analytic expert

Gašper Budkovič

Marketing specialist in outdoor sports

Luka Kern

Brand & visual communication design specialist

Renata Križnar

Brand Manager
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We`re on the forefront of building solutions to enable our users to get “on point solutions” in just 3 clicks without expertise support. 


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We`re on the forefront of building solutions to enable our users to get “on point solutions” in just 3 clicks without expertise support.